Operation and Maintenance Techniques for Septic Systems

The system used by your home to remove wastewater from bathrooms, kitchens and more is not highly visible, but it is crucial. Because many homeowners don’t exactly like to think about their septic system, often times regular maintenance of this system goes by the wayside. Today here on the Freedom Septic Service blog, we wanted to share some tips with our readers about how to determine that there’s an issue with their plumbing system that they may want to look into.
This Q&A article published by The Prescott Valley Tribune discusses a number of operation and maintenance techniques for septic systems. As the contractor writing the response rightly points out, what a homeowner doesn’t know about his or her septic system can very well hurt.

Many believe that septic additives can improve the service life of their wastewater systems, and these products are certainly marketed as such. However, it should be noted that chemical additives can leach into the ground around the septic system, creating a toxic environment. Many biological additives are safe for use, but homeowners should consult with professionals in the field beforehand.

Once a year, a service technician should perform an inspection of a home’s septic system to ensure that it’s working properly. There are a number of symptoms of a malfunctioning septic system that should raise an immediate red flag, however. Any backup in the home’s plumbing, sewage odors around the house or yard as well as mushy ground above the septic tank may be signals that there is a problem, which needs to be fixed.

There are plenty of ways to ensure the long service life of your septic system without additives. The most important thing to remember is that only toilet paper and human waste should be disposed of through a toilet; anything else can cause clogging or backups. Conserving water usage within the home can keep the system from becoming overloaded. Don’t drive over or place heavy lawn fixtures over the septic area, as this can create unnecessary pressure in the septic lines and contribute to leaks.

Freedom Septic Service is here to make sure that your home stays free of any unwanted waste. When you need to make sure that the plumbing in your house is taking away everything that it should, call us to schedule an inspection. We serve residents of Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County and more from our headquarters in Sykesville, MD.


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