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Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Rent a Portable Bathroom!

Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Rent a Portable Bathroom!

Since the weather is starting to turn, and the summer is approaching, outdoor wedding season is upon us. There are plenty of things to be planning when it comes to a wedding, and there are some things people forget to consider. One of those things is the bathroom situation. Having an outdoor facility is the convenient choice.

Bathroom trailer for outdoor weddingsCustomize it to Your Party

The biggest question is: How much bathroom do I need? First and foremost, you need to consider how many guests will be in attendance. You may want to think about instead of just renting portable outdoor bathrooms, renting bathroom trailers. Freedom Septic Service provides different options for your customization needs.

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are the best choice for an outdoor wedding. At Freedom Septic Service, we provide four different size options for you, which include two different medium trailers and two large trailers.

Here is what the trailers include:

Medium Trailer – Olympia (17’ length, 11 height) – This trailer includes 2 ladies and 2 men’s stall plus 1 urinal with separate entrances, and it also comes with a bathroom attendant for 2 hours. This is good for 130 guests.

Medium Trailer – Comfort (16’ length, 10’ height) – This comes with 2 ladies and 2 men’s stalls with 1 urinal. This has 3 entrances and includes heat and air conditioning. This is good for 130 guests and also comes with a bathroom attendant for 2 hours.

Large Trailer – Elite (18’ length, 11.5’ height) – This large trailer comes with 3 stalls in the ladies’ room, 2 urinals and one stall in the men’s room, air conditioning, and stereo system. This is good for 200 plus guests and comes with a bathroom attendant for 4 hours.

Large Trailer – Royale (18’ length, 12’ height) – This includes 3 stalls in the ladies’ room, 3 urinals and 1 stall in the men’s room, heating, a/c, stereo system. This is also good for 200 plus guests and comes with a bathroom attendant for 4 hours.


If you’re hosting a wedding, and you need to rent outdoor bathroom facilities for your event, contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947, and we will be able to cater to your needs!


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