Flushing phone down toilet

How to Stop Kids from Flushing the Un-flushable!

For as long as toilets have been around, young children have always been fascinated with putting the wrong things down them. Toys, phones, brushes, remotes, silverware, books, and more have been the subject of the flush for many years. Kids tend to act out, and the toilet is one of those tools they use to get their parents upset. There are ways to stop your kids from flushing the wrong things down the toilet when they’re at that age.

Flushing phone down toiletWhat Happens to Your Toilet?

Items such as toys, keys, cell phones, foods, and other products flushed down the toilet can cause frustrating clogs that require a professional to come in and help fix it. This is just another bill that you’ll have to worry about when your child acts out in this way.

Luckily there are a couple ways to prevent them from flushing items that aren’t toilet paper down the toilet.

Toilet Lock for Your Child

This may seem a little crazy to do, but it can be a big help until your child or toddler grows out of this stage. A toilet lock usually costs less than $10 on Amazon and can be used on most any toilet. If you only have one bathroom in your home or apartment, you might find putting it on and taking it off a bit annoying, but it will prevent indiscriminate flushing. Once they reach the certain age where throwing things down the toilet doesn’t interest them, you can take the toilet lock off for good. Make sure to keep it in storage for when you have other kids come along the way.

You might also put a lock on the bathroom door so that your young one can’t even go in there unaccompanied. You might find that your child, not enjoying being constantly monitored, will alter his behavior. In the meantime, your cell phone will stay dry, and your toilet unclogged.

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