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What’s That Smell? Septic Tank Problems

What’s That Smell? Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks can cause foul odors to arise in your yard.  This is never a good thing, but the issue can be fixed.  Certain gases coming out of the septic tank system can be very dangerous, so it’s important to make sure you take care of the problem as quickly as possible.

septic tank smells in your yardSeptic Tank System Problems:

Septic tank gases leaked can be very harmful if they enter the home, and they can cause explosions in certain circumstances. These gases include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane.  These are toxic gases, so it’s important to not have them enter into your home.

Problems arise when:

  • Septic Tank Full – this is when the septic tank needs to be emptied out, and a professional like Freedom Septic Service can help you do this.
  • Gargling Sounds – if you hear gargling sounds, this can mean that the tank is full and needs to be emptied as well.
  • Roof Plumbing Vent – if your plumbing vent in your roof is not working properly, toilets and sinks could dry out and release odors in your home. In the winter, these vents could freeze, which means you need to check on these regularly in the winter.
  • Poor installation – if your septic tank system was installed poorly, it can fail due to poor maintenance and waste disposal. Make sure to get a trusted professional like Freedom Septic Service to install the system.

What to do?

  • Check manhole cover – manhole covers need to be secured and fitted properly, or else sewer gases can release into the home.
  • Contact a professional – At Freedom Septic Service, we are a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience in septic system installation and repair. If you’re experiencing foul odors in your house or yard, and you know there is a problem with your septic tank system, contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947.
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