Maryland Grease Trap Cleaning & Pumping

An open grease trap with a hose inserted, surrounded by pebbles and small plants. The trap cover is partially removed and lies on the ground beside the opening.

Freedom Septic Service has been Sykesville, Maryland’s preferred septic experts since 1991, serving both residential and professional sewage treatment, pumping and grease trap services. The trusted sewage experts of Freedom Septic Service have been providing safe, cost-effective sewage treatment solutions with diligent installation. Our certified technicians are also recognized for their professional honesty by the State of Maryland, offering inspection services for real estate and restaurant needs.

Different industries rely on commercial grease trap pumping services to keep a proper flowing sink system, prevent backups and effectively dispose of waste. Without a clean grease trap, your plumbing system may suffer. Food, oils and grease (FOGs) will build up in the pipes, causing major backups. Frequency of pumping varies depending on site and volume. Avoid violations and possible fines from your local board of health or health inspection department. Have your grease trap cleaned today.

Our technicians have served many of Sykesville’s notable establishments and restaurants with environmentally conscious grease removal services. Browse our other pages to review available services in the surrounding Maryland areas including the city of Baltimore.

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Freedom Septic Service, Inc.

Freedom Septic Service, Inc.