Septic Pumping & Septic Cleaning in Frederick County

Freedom Septic Service Inc. provides a full range of septic pumping, plumbing repair, installation services, and portable toilets and restrooms in Frederick County, Maryland, to keep your home, business or special event comfortable. From new homes to businesses with decades-long history to special events all over town, Frederick County relies on our fast, affordable and professional plumbing services to keep the most important systems up and running.

If you have just built a new home or you are renovating, make sure you have the right septic system for your needs and your system is installed by experienced professionals. We are fully insured and licensed to install or repair any commercial, residential or municipal septic system, including holding tanks, grease traps, sand mounds, cesspools, dry wells and more. To keep your system running properly, we provide septic pumping and septic cleaning services at any time, whether for routine preventative maintenance or emergencies. We also provide portable toilets and restrooms to make special events, parties, and construction projects easy to plan and coordinate. With portable restrooms, you can host your event virtually anywhere while keeping your guests comfortable.

For quick, affordable and experienced septic cleaning, pumping and plumbing in Frederick County, Maryland, call Freedom Septic Service Inc.