How to Avoid Septic System Issues

If you have a septic system, you’ve got an efficient, self-contained, underground wastewater treatment system. Somewhere on your property there’s a septic tank. This tank acts as a living filter where wastewater goes. Sometimes, problems can occur in the life of your septic system, and the best way to avoid these issues is to make sure that your septic system is running properly at all times.

How Does the Septic System Work?

Septic systems process waste and other stuff you put down the sinks, tubs and toilets of your home. It’s estimated that the average home uses up to 300 gallons of water daily. While it’s mostly plain water that ends up going down your drains, there are also things like hair, soap scum, and waste, right? In a septic tank, the heaviest solids end up on the bottom where bacteria reduce them to sludge. Lighter stuff forms a scummy layer toward the top.

Septic System Pumping and Cleaning

If these solids aren’t removed by being pumped out by a company like Freedom Septic Service, they could overflow and end up causing damage to the area around the tank known as its drain field. Oh, and it would stink, really bad. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your septic tank pumped out every two years (for a family of four).

Regular Septic System Inspections and Maintenance

The best tip for maintaining your septic system is having it inspected by a professional once a year and then pumped out when needed. Write down when the system was checked and pumped so you’ll have it for referencing in the years to come. You can also do your best to conserve water. The less water you use each year, the less strain on your septic system overall.

As for your drain field, just plant grass there. It’s a fragile area, so don’t park cars on it, build a pool, or plant a garden there. Don’t cover the drain field area with concrete or other impermeable materials. Finally, be careful– no one should ever enter a septic tank because it’s filled with poisonous gas.

It’s best to call Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 to check and maintain your system.

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