Septic system installation on new build

New Home Build: Septic Installation

A septic system is inevitable when it comes to building a new home without a centralized public sewer system. This is how your home will get rid of the wastewater you produce, so it’s extremely important to get this built the right way and by the right people. This is where Freedom Septic Service comes into play.

Septic system installation on new buildSeptic System Installation

With Freedom Septic Service, our experienced technicians can give you backhoe services and installation services at an affordable rate. We conduct minor excavation and Percolation Test performed to measure the absorption rate of soil. Take a look at all of our septic services.

We also conduct septic repair services, which include baffle replacements, front & back-line replacements, manhole riser installation, drain field replacements, septic tank replacements, and distribution box replacements.

Septic System Cleaning

By installing a septic system in your new home, you’ll also have to have it pumped and cleaned. We can conduct your household waste issues. After a while, some material that has difficulty decomposing will fill up your septic tank requiring you to get your septic system cleaned out and pumped. It is recommended that your septic system be pumped every two years. In order to maintain your system, here are some tips:

  • Limit the grease you put down the drain (fill a jar instead)
  • Use biodegradable products
  • Watch what you put down garbage disposal
  • Never flush acids, polishes, oil, paint, grease
  • Avoid landscaping projects near your septic system

Freedom Septic Service

At Freedom Septic Service, we provide septic system services for residential and commercial in Sykesville, MD. We want your septic system to be working properly and your bathroom and toilet to be as clean as possible. If you don’t pay attention to those things, problems can occur, which is never a good thing.

If you need any septic system services done, contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 today to find out how we can help!


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