Festival Bathrooms Are Making a Splash!

Grab your camping gear and hit the road, it’s time to check out some summer festivals. All over the country, summer music festivals are announcing their dates and musical act line-ups. From country to dance music, from New York to California, these festivals have become the pinnacle of many people’s summers. While many efforts go into the planning on the venues, headliners, and publicity of these events, perhaps the most important to guests are the amenities. The amenities of a festival can make or break a stub holder’s trip, including festival maps, food services, and especially restrooms.

Festival restrooms have come a long way from Woodstock. Many music festivals including Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza have upgraded the bathroom experience for guests by strategically placing them throughout the campgrounds to meet all urgent needs. Many festivals now feature “women’s or men’s only” facilities to customize the experience for all guests. Most importantly perhaps is the cleanliness and “surprise free” nature of these restrooms. Festival coordinators have taken particular attention to the tidiness of their toilets in recent years to make the restroom experience for their guests pleasant.

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