Don’t Have a Stinky Rest of Your Summer

How has your summer been?  We hope your bones have been cracking and your limbs stretching. Most of us in the country are doing all we can to shake the winter rust from our bodies and truly enjoy these beautiful summer months. But, like with all things in this life, sometimes when we shake off the rust some things fall out of place – like our bodies in the sunshine, objects also need maintenance. And yes, we’re talking about your septic tanks.

As we discussed in previous blog posts, many things can go wrong with your septic tanks in the summer months, such as contaminated wells, untreated sewage discharge, soft smell spots, etc. If you notice any of these signs, chances are that your septic tank is malfunctioning and should be addressed immediately or you face the risk of a complete septic tank failure.

Septic tank malfunctions and failures will ruin the rest of your summer. We’ve seen it happen before, so it’s best to bite the bullet before it’s too late. Also, when it comes to this stuff, don’t get cocky; these things are best left to the professionals, such as those of us at Freedom Septic Service. Contact us today to learn more, because you don’t want to have a stinky summer, do you?

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