Septic system maintenance for the winter

Common Signs of Soakaway Problems

There are a wide range of benefits that come along with having a septic system in your property, but there is also a fair share of potential problems you may encounter. While several different types of issues can affect septic tanks, one of the most common is soakaway problems. In general, your septic system is encountering a soakaway problem if the waste and debris entering a pit in the ground completely soaks away. The following are some indicators they your system may be experiencing a related issue.

Something you should always be on the lookout for is a toilet that continues to overflow. While this may indicate a basic clog in some cases, it should not be happening every time you flush. If your toilet is overflowing every time you use it, a soak away related issue should be suspected. This problem is only more likely if it’s coupled with gurgling sounds in your drains.

In addition to your toilet, your sink and bathtub can also alert you of a soakaway problem with your septic system. Some common signs include emptying a sink, only to find it backing up into the bathtub. You may also be able to smell a foul odor from your drains.

Indications of a soakaway problem can also show up outside of your property. For example, if a nearby stream suddenly becomes polluted or waste is showing up around your yard, you may have a serious issue. Don’t ignore any of the signs inside or out of your home in order to identify and correct soakaway problems as soon as they arise.

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