Texas Septic Problems

When one septic system fails, it’s a pretty big problem for a property owner. When a series of backups occur within a neighborhood, it can be a pretty big problem for a community. Freedom Septic Service always urges its customers to become more familiar with the needs of their septic systems to enjoy the best service possible.


As this article published by KVUE.com will show our blog readers, systemic issues with septic systems within a single town can even do damage to the local economy. The article discusses one community in Texas that is seeing its tourism revenues threatened by an increase in the number of septic system failures.


The town of Wimberley receives almost two-thirds of its operating budget of $1.3 million from sales taxes collected mainly from tourists visiting the resort community in central Texas. The downtown section, however, is experiencing severe septic problems from an aging infrastructure that has required the city to place a $20,000 portable trailer restroom for the general public to accommodate the needs of private businesses in downtown Wimberley.


The situation hasn’t just impacted businesses. As the above article states, there are some concerns that sewage from some septic systems has been increasing the levels of bacteria found in nearby Cypress Creek.


The town board has petitioned the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a permit to build and operate a wastewater treatment plant for the sole purpose of serving the downtown area of Wimberley. The town is debating how to finance the project, which is projected to cost about $6 million, but it could be in place as soon as 2016.


Here in the historic town of Sykesville, MD, Freedom Septic Service knows all about aging sewer infrastructures. Especially if you fear that you’ve gone too long since your last septic system inspection, call us to schedule a visit to your property. From septic systems to restaurant grease traps and more, we keep your waste systems working properly to keep your business running smoothly.

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