Fun & Silly Bathroom Facts

The bathroom, and going to the bathroom, is one of the most necessary human needs. We often take the room itself, and having use of it, for granted. Let’s face it, no one really talks about the bathroom, and especially NOT, what we do when we’re in there.

Many years ago, and still in some remote parts of the world, many people had outhouses for bathrooms. They got up out of warm beds, in the cold and dark of the night, to relieve themselves. That’s a scary thought for most of us, who have always had the luxury of indoor plumbing.

Though talking about bathrooms, and how we use them, may never be a popular topic of conversation, there are some interesting and humorous facts surrounding the subject. So the next time your cocktail party hits a moment of boredom, maybe you can whip out this list of fun and silly facts, ….about bathrooms. Okay, maybe not at a cocktail party… but you get the idea.

The Smartphone Replaces the Magazine Rack

It appears that the age of technology has affected the way we entertain ourselves in the potty, or the loo, as they say in England. A whopping 75% of us, use our cell phones while sitting on the toilet. Texting, talking, and surfing the internet has replaced the proverbial act of reading a magazine, while using the facilities.

Apparently, We Have Slippery Hands

Research doesn’t say exactly at what stage of the bathroom process this happens, but apparently over 7 million people drop their cell phones down the toilet every year! I’m sure the cell phone companies love this fact, because I seriously doubt that 7 million of these phones survive the trip.

Hopefully It’s Recycled Toilet Paper

433 million miles of toilet paper is used by Americans each year. Just to give you an idea of how much toilet paper we flush every 365 day cycle; 433 million miles, can take us from here, to the sun, and back again.

I’ll Take A Lipstick Stained Towel, Please!

It seems that men get ALMOST as irritated at women for getting lipstick on the clean towels after washing their faces, as women do at men, for leaving the toilet seat up.

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You may already have the dress, picked the perfect outdoor wedding venue, and ordered the cake; but did you think of where your guests will go number one and two?  A restroom trailer may be the answer if you haven’t given it thought.  While most of us might think of portable toilets as unclean due… Read more »