Taking Care of Septic Problems

Septic systems offer a number of benefits to home owners, but they don’t come without their problems. If a septic tank becomes full or backed up, it can lead to a wide range of issues that can become costly and frustrating to deal with. Taking care of any problems as soon as possible as always advisable, which is why it’s a good idea to know the signs of a backed up system. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, your tank may be backed up.

One of the most visible signs that your tank is having problems is if there are wet areas around your yard. Another visible indicator is grass above your tank that appears to be much greener than the grass throughout the rest of your lawn. While greener grass may seem like a good thing, it could be caused by sewage leaking from the tank. This sewage is fertilizing the nearby grass, resulting in its healthier appearance.

Inside your house, there are a few signs you can look for. One of the most common is a toilet or drain that runs very slowly. If only one drain in your home is causing problems, you could just be dealing with an isolated clog. If every drain and toilet is giving you problems, there is inevitably a problem with your septic system.

Finally, be on the lookout for any drains that make gurgling noises or any water that comes up through the drains. This is a clear sign your tank is full and needs to be emptied immediately. If you are encountering any of these signs, contact our team today and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem in no time!

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