Why Your Construction Job Needs Portable Restrooms

You may assume that a construction jobsite would provide restrooms, but often this is not the case. Or perhaps the job type requires cutting off water, which would render the restrooms unusable.  To ensure your clients have access to proper amenities, consider renting a portable restroom. Aside from the fact that everybody needs to use the restroom, there are many benefits of bringing portable restrooms to your job site. Here are just a few:

Protect Your Client

You’ve done your part in establishing trust with your client. Don’t squander it by asking to use their restroom throughout the day. Of course, for many of us our natural inclination is to say “Yes, of course.” But think of how it impacts their day; they may be working from home, having to get up from meetings to let you in, or they may have small kids who are being woken up by the noise. It also means the client will need to clean their bathroom more. Or, if it’s a business, it may mean having a stream of workers interrupting the flow of the day or causing lines for customers. Impress your clients by having a portable restroom on site; it shows you care about your workers and your client.

Increase Productivity

Nature calls, and we must answer. The problem is, without a portable restroom, you may need to drive quite a way to get to a public restroom. What would normally be a few minutes in an on-site restroom is now a 30-minute trip as workers find an accessible restroom, drive there, and back. It interrupts flow and the only thing it ensures is that people are waiting around. With a portable restroom, people can use it as they please, and get right back to work.

Ensure Safety

Having a portable toilet on site allows for convenience, ease, and safety. Countless protocols are in place to regulate safety and workers having access to a clean restroom to relieve themselves, wash up, and get back to work is one of them. By having them on site, you do not need to worry about your workers wandering off or being unhygienic. Having an on-site portable toilet helps prevent the spread of germs, too!

Everybody must use the restroom, especially on the jobsite, so why not make accessible for the workers? If you’re working a construction job, give Freedom Septic a call at  410-795-2947 to discuss which portable restroom will best fit your needs.






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