Pretreatment Septic Tank

Why is a Pretreatment Septic Tank Important?

On January 1, 2013, it became mandatory that all septic tank installations in the State of Maryland include a pretreatment septic tank.

If you are building a new home or are having a septic tank installed after your last tank stopped working, you’ll be happy to note that these pretreatment systems provide several benefits.

Pretreatment tanks reduce the amount of waste that enters the primary septic tank, increasing the life of your septic system, decreasing the need for pump outs, and promoting healthier soil and ground water.

Pretreatment Septic Tank

Extends the life of your septic system

A pretreatment tank is unique in that it acts as a filter for the primary tank. It is typically installed to reduce sludge levels, prevent clogging and more to extend the life of a system.

It is a separate tank that holds organic manner and can be built closer to ground level for easy septic system cleaning. These systems have been shown to reduce the need for regular pump outs and have even helped with the restoration of failing septic tanks.

The plumbing at your home will work the same as it always has, but you’ll have the added peace of mind that your primary septic system isn’t working overtime.

Reduces soil, groundwater contamination

If you’re worried about your septic tank contaminating your properties soil or groundwater, you can rest easy when a pretreatment septic tank is installed. As stated above, these tanks reduce the amount of waste that goes into the primary septic area, reducing the chances of overflow of solids and bacteria.

If your home has a smaller amount of soil, or the water table line is high, septic tank overflow can be extremely dangerous. With a pretreatment tank installation, and proper maintenance, your family will be happy and healthy no matter the strain you put on the system.

Helpful for smaller properties

Pretreatment tanks may be most beneficial for those with a smaller plot of land. The theory is quite simple: if you have a smaller property that cannot hold a larger septic tank, your smaller tank will run a greater risk of overflowing. When the tank overflows, it can lead to the afore mentioned issues with contamination. A pretreatment system will help control the primary septic tanks waste levels and ensure there are no overflows.

When you’re in need of a new septic tank for your home in Sykesville, MD or the surrounding areas, call on our team at Freedom Septic Service. We have been handling the septic needs of those in the area for 30 years and will make sure you’re getting a system that will not only last, but one that will keep your property and family safe. We ask that you call our licensed and certified installers today at (410) 795-2947 to learn about our pretreatment septic tanks and more.

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