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Make Home Repair the New Holiday Tradition

Last week all of America celebrated Thanksgiving. From all of us at Freedom Septic Service we hope you had a happy holiday. Now comes the tough part of the holiday season, the long stretch where we think only of shopping, money, and family gatherings. It can be stressful, that’s for sure, and given all that is going on, you might not necessarily think of home repair as being the top of your list of priorities, but perhaps it should be. Can you make home repair a new holiday tradition? That’s what Jeff Jardine is doing.

In this Modesto Bee article, Jardine writes, “The toilet seemed to be pointed in a different direction than usual. I’m not much of a plumber, but this much I know: when a toilet is pointed in any direction but the right direction, it is pointed in the wrong direction. It suggested two things: The toilet is crooked. Check. And there must be a holiday approaching. Check.”

For Jardine and his family, the holidays not only bring cheer, they also bring home repairs. This Thanksgiving saw the oven breaking down. Another Thanksgiving the dishwater broke down. Twenty years ago on Christmas Eve, a giant tree branch came crashing down on the house. Another Christmas Eve, there was a septic backup. Then there was the New Year’s Eve when the heating became compromised. Either the Jardine family is cursed with bad luck or their holiday plight suggests that all of us are susceptible to home breakdowns around the holidays, such as a septic backup.

At Freedom Septic Service, we believe the latter is true, because let’s be honest here: we’re not all mentally with it this time of the year; there is just too much on the mind. When your mind is elsewhere is when the home starts falling apart, when things slip through the cracks – literally and figuratively. If you think you might be at risk of a septic backup, for example, give us a call before it’s too late. Remember that Christmas is right around the corner.

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