Why Does Your Septic Tank Smell and How to Fix It

Your septic tank is a well-oiled machine in your home, easily getting the job done without much maintenance on your end.

However, it’s possible for septic odors that can’t escape properly to begin seeping up throughout your home.

So what’s actually causing the stench and what can you do to fix it?

A clogged drain turned drySeptic Tank Smells

Dry drains are one of the leading causes of septic tank odor.

When a drain gets clogged, it can lead to dryness and the gases that should be escaping end up back in your home. A dry drain most often occurs in the bathroom.

Harsh weather

Extremely cold temperatures can also lead to septic tank struggles.

When it’s frigid outside, ice and frost can build up around the septic tank plumbing vent and block it, causing the gas to seep back into your home.

Faulty pumps

Sometimes, septic tank issues arise when the tank becomes too full. This is usually due to a faulty pump which prevents new wastewater from taking the place of old wastewater.

So, how do you get rid of septic tank odor?

If you think septic odors have made their way into your home, then it’s time to act. You want to prevent any toxic gases, such as methane from permeating your home.

At Freedom Septic Service, we can help! Whether you need a new septic tank installation for your home, or grease trap pumping for your restaurant, we are the best when it comes to providing septic cleaning and septic pumping. Call us at 410-795-2947 to request an estimate or receive more information about our services.

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