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What Not to Put Down Your Kitchen Sink

We tend to forget about what we throw down our kitchen sink because of cooking and cleaning. This can be a major problem if we don’t make sure we are watching what we put down. There can be some clogging and back-up in the drain and grease trap.

grease trap cleaningThese Should NOT be in the drain:

  • Cooking oil – Oils can cause clogs when mixed with other materials, which can create a thicker sludge. Mayonnaise and salad dressings would be under this category as well.
  • Butter – this can cause a thick layer, especially when melted that will block water from getting through over time.
  • Grease and fat – leftover grease and fats are obvious materials that will clog your drain and cause problems with the grease trap. These will allow other debris to line the inside of pipes, which in the future will cause major blocks.
  • Egg Shells – it’s never a good idea to put egg shells down the drain. Just throw them in the garbage. Otherwise, if you put them down the drain, they can be ground by the grinding apparatus and cause other blockages.
  • Coffee Grounds – When they mix with grease or oil, they’ll cause problems.
  • Pasta – pasta will expand even more with water, so putting them down the drain will cause the drain to clog and not allow water to flow through.
  • Flour – this is an obvious because with water, it will be glue.
  • Medication – this is just no good for humans and animals when flowing through water.

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you notice your drain is clogged, water flows slower, or there’s a foul odor in your sink, it may be time to get your grease trap cleaned out. At Freedom Septic Service, we provide establishments and restaurants with environmentally conscious grease removal services. Contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 today!

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