yard releasing bad smell due to septic system issue

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Repair

A septic tank problem is never fun. You rely on your septic system to keep your plumbing in proper working order, so it’s essential to make sure it’s doing the job. Freedom Septic Service will be able to repair if you notice any problems.

yard releasing bad smell due to septic system issueHere Are the Telling Signs

If you notice these problems, then it may be time to get your septic system checked out because there may be something wrong with it.

  • Bad Smell – if you notice a foul smell in your yard around the tank or coming from the drains, a drain could be blocked. It’s not draining properly, and it needs to be pumped out.
  • Sewage Backup – if you notice raw sewage backing up into your toilets and drains in your home, there is a problem with your system.
  • Pooling Water – if there is water pooling near the septic tank area, this could be a sign of a problem. Also, if the grass is greener in that area, this could be another telling sign of an issue with the tank.
  • Slower Drains – if your sinks and drains in the house are slower than usual, there could be a clog, but if all the drains are running slow, then there might be a septic system problem.

If you notice any of these problems, or if you see anything else that may be abnormal, don’t wait to get your system checked out. Your home is where you live, and you never want to put off problems because this could cause bigger issues in the future.

Freedom Septic Service

If you require expert repairs on your existing system, Freedom Septic Service’s experienced technicians provide services for your septic system needs.

  • Baffle Replacements
  • Front & Back-line Replacements
  • Manhole Riser Installation
  • Drain Field Replacements
  • Septic Tank Replacements
  • Distribution Box Replacements

Contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 today if you notice any issues with your septic system.

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