Toilet clogs can cause some issues

Why Does My Toilet Get Clogged?

Yes, we have all been through this. You use the restroom, flush the toilet, and see the water start to rise.  Our heart jumps, and our eyes widen when we see it happen.  What could be worse? Using someone else’s toilet is worse. But let’s try and clear up why this can happen.

Toilet clogs can cause some issuesThe reasons behind it

A logical reason would be you’ve flushed something that should NOT be flushed down the toilet ever. But, some other reasons, people aren’t aware of.

Here are some reasons:

  • 1st Low-flow toilet
  • Flushing items besides toilet paper
  • Toilet trap blocked
  • Main sewer line issues
  • Plumbing vent blockage

These are the major issues. Another issue can be simply you’re using too much toilet paper, or the toilet paper may be too thick for a low-flowing toilet.

How to avoid getting the toilet clogged

There are very simple solutions to avoiding this scary situation in your home.  As for someone else’s home, just hope they don’t have clogging issues. One thing you can do if you have an old low-flow toilet is to watch how much toilet paper you use, and flush nothing else.

Septic Maintenance

Septic maintenance is recommended to keep your septic system working properly and Freedom Septic Service, Inc. is the best in the business. It is crucial, even if you have a good system.  Everything in your home works better when it gets a check-up.

Contact Freedom Septic Service, Inc. at 410-795-2947 if you’re having reoccurring issues and believe it may have something to do with your septic.

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