What to Consider When Choosing Portable Restrooms for Your Outdoor Wedding

Your outdoor wedding is going to be a wonderful time spent with family and friends, dancing and eating, but the question most commonly asked is, “where’s the bathroom?” Outdoor weddings require a bathroom rental that is not only reliable, but also, long-lasting. For if the bathroom situation is horrendous, then it may cause a big stink on your wedding day.

So as much as you want to get into the flowers, theme, and invitations, it’s time to think about your outdoor wedding’s portable restrooms!

Finding the right place

Portable Restrooms for an Outdoor WeddingNo one wants to eat near the bathroom—especially since the bathroom is portable and could have been placed somewhere else. So, if you’re hosting your wedding outdoors, be sure to keep the rentals in an area that’s comfortably away from the rest of the reception. But not too far: you don’t want your guests walking over a mile to go to the bathroom. Be sure the bathroom is comfortable, accessible, and appealing.

Providing enough toilets for your guests

Not having enough toilets is like not having enough forks at a wedding—it could turn the ceremony upside down, and leave guests frustrated. So, you want to try to avoid that at all costs. Calculate the number of guests you’re going to have, and the hours spent at the facility. Think realistically—if you feel like it’s not enough, then add another.

Keep your portable restrooms classy

Nobody wants a festival-like porta potty featured on their wedding day. Give the portable restroom the aesthetic you’re aiming for—add nice soaps, maybe some flowers, and any other decorations that, you think, will make the experience as pleasant as possible.

All things considered, portable restrooms are an affordable and reliable addition to any outdoor wedding ceremony—and you’ll be surprised by how popular they can be! For more information on renting portable restrooms for your wedding, call Freedom Septic Services at 410-795-2947 today!

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