Three Signs that Your Kitchen Grease Trap Needs to be Cleaned

Kitchen grease traps work hard to intercept greases and solids from entering your wastewater disposal system and sewers. However, when these plumbing devices get clogged, issues arise that indicate it is time for a thorough cleaning.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to clean your kitchen grease trap!

Water draining slower than normal

What you want to see in your kitchen sink is water that flows quickly and easily; this indicates a sink without clogs or other issues and shows your kitchen grease trap is working smoothly and efficiently.

However, when you start to see water standing in the sink or flowing down the drain slowly without a visible clog, this is likely a sign that it is time to clean out your kitchen grease trap. When the trap becomes too full, water takes longer to drain through the sink, causing the water to pool at the top. Once the trap is cleaned, water will once again flow quickly, eliminating issues of water backup in the sink.

Grease Trap Cleaning TipsFoul odors

The last thing you want coming from your kitchen where you prepare and cook meals is an unappetizing smell. Odors from spoiled or burnt foods are pretty easy to get rid of, but there are some smells that require a little more maintenance to eliminate.

Over time, the buildup of grease, oil, food particles, and other items making their way down the drain leads to foul odors in the kitchen sink. As the grease trap becomes more clogged, the odor moves from subtle to strong and eventually unbearable! When foul odors invade the kitchen, check and clean the kitchen grease trap to combat the rotten smells.

Lack of material monitoring

A big sign that you need to clean your kitchen sink grease trap is based on what you allow to go down your sink drain on a daily basis. The more you allow materials like food and grease to build up in your grease trap, the more likely it is to get clogged, leading to regularly required maintenance and cleaning.

Excessive fats, oils, and grease along with bits of food and other solid objects are the perfect materials for creating undesired grease trap issues. Monitoring the materials you allow down the kitchen sink will help keep your grease trap free of issues. However, if you have previously never thought about what you are putting down your sink, this is probably the time to have your grease trap cleaned.

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