Young Woman Cleaning the Toilet

4 Areas of the Bathroom People Just Can’t Remember to Clean

There is nowhere more complicated to clean in our homes than our bathrooms.

It’s where we conduct our most thorough cleaning, yet somehow, there are still a few nooks and crannies that just slip through the cracks.

So, the next time you scrub down your bathroom, keep these most commonly missed places in mind!

The hardworking exhaust fan

Even if the steam from the shower is gone, that doesn’t mean the mold or sediment is. The exhaust fan, where our steam travels out of, is a prime target for cleaning, as it’s constantly saturated with water, a warm welcome for grime to settle in.

So try to remember to take down the exhaust fan, grab a brush, and give it a good cleaning at least twice a year.

Young Woman Cleaning the ToiletThose hard-to-reach areas of your toilet

Think about this: the toilet is a place that water is sitting in all day. That means it gets dirty—fast.

So do a full examination: the flush handles, the tank, and outside of the toilet bowl itself. Vinegar helps here, especially when cleaning the brush itself.

And if the brush is beyond repair, toss it!

It’s impossible to clean with a dirty brush.

Toothbrushes and holders

You don’t want to even think about your toothbrush being dirty, however, it is one tool that we use daily to clean our teeth in a room that is booming with bacteria.

So, we have to be on our guard, making sure our toothbrushes stay germ-free.

The main target is the toothbrush holder! Give it a routine clean every once in a while to prevent bacteria from spreading. Your teeth will thank you!

The light switch

Again, anything in the bathroom stands to get dirty due to the amount of moisture that stays in the air after a shower, or bath. Your light switch is no exception.

Even though you’re hitting the lights as you exit the bathroom with freshly-washed hands, your light switch is redistributing the germs you put there when you walked in!

With these four areas in mind, your bathroom will be in tip-top shape and for all your additional septic needs, call Freedom Septic Services at 410-795-2947 today!

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