Portable Potties to the Rescue

Over the years, portable toilets have been advancing from the smelly blue tubes that are stationed around some event to something that is more akin to an actual bathroom you might find in any restaurant or public place. Instead of “Porta Potties”, they are more like portable restrooms, with full sinks and multiple urinals or toilet seats in one trailer stationed somewhere.

Of course, you can still find the one room blue tubes all over the place making people wish they never entered it, but that’s only because people aren’t aware that they can just get an entire restroom stationed where there isn’t one normally!

These trailer bathrooms often are better disguised too, looking just like a normal movie star trailer might, which makes them far more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint as well. This makes these trailers great for outdoor events of any kind, especially weddings or anything formal though. There have been a number of weddings that were held off from being outdoors simply because they could not find anything that people could use for the toilet that wouldn’t want to make the wedding guests want to take a long shower afterwards.

The only downside to the trailers is they are a bit difficult for handicapped individuals to handle. In fact, they aren’t recommended for anyone that can’t get up a flight of stairs, which can make them difficult for elderly to use as well. However, in those instances, there are portable potties that are handicapped accessible that can be used instead.

Hopefully trailer restrooms will find a way for the handicapped to use them soon. Until then, at least all these toilets are staying clean and not quite as smelly as everyone expects them to be.

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