Septic system maintenance for the winter

Experimental Septic Tank Put to Test

It can be exhausting and frustrating to have to deal with the problems and smell of septic tanks on a regular basis, especially poor septic tanks that really just shouldn’t be around anymore, or should be replaced. Or you can just get something to help out your septic tank, and actually eliminate a lot of the smell and problems that frighten people away from the tanks.


The device was tested on a couple of homes in South Carolina, and is called the Sewer Buddy. It’s a device that is meant to attach to the pipes going in and out of the septic tank that cleans any contaminates as water passes through it. The device really is just a pipe itself with microbe bugs that sit in the pipe and clean up water as it passes through. Of course, there isn’t any knowing if the system is doing its job well enough to drink the water or be around the water, but some people using the tests mentioned they stopped smelling their septic tanks, especially after rainfall.


A few labs have been sent samples of the water that has been cleaned by the microbes from the Sewer Buddy and more should be known soon about how effective they are. But until then, this is definitely the kind of thing that septic tank maintenance specialists are more than happy to help with. You want to be careful when attaching or handling pipes around your septic tank, and that means calling a specialist. You don’t want anyone passing out or suffering because you wanted to install something that will make your septic tank safer!



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