Death by Septic in More than One Way

The dangers of septic tanks have been discussed in more than one instance already, but sometimes it isn’t the disease, or the leaking into the water supply, or the gases in the septic tank. Sometimes it is just the pipes that cause problems for people. That’s what happened to one man in Louisville, Kentucky; a septic tank specialist in fact, was caught in the pipe during a routine maintenance and died. It wasn’t the gases he had to worry about but simply the power of the pipes that squeezed him until he couldn’t breathe any longer.


These kinds of deaths aren’t common in America, but they are just one of many that have occurred around people not being safe enough with septic tanks. There’s also been a scare with a number of old septic treatment areas underneath hundreds of houses in various cities. All it takes is the septic tank to fail once and they can cause harm to an entire community. Worst of all, was that these septic tanks sometimes couldn’t be replaced or fixed until the septic tank had failed, as that was the only time where a homeowner had to be forced to get repairs or replacements on the tanks done.


This presents a major problem in cities all across America. Septic tanks sometimes do need to be replaced, but even if they don’t many people in America just don’t pay attention to them for regular maintenance to be done. There’s just a lot of risk around septic tanks for an entire city and the only thing cities can really do is inform their citizens that they need to be managing their septic tanks, or else we could end up with some serious health crisis on our hands. Poop may happen, but no one wants to think about that, and that’s a problem!


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