The Horrors of Septic Man

Considering how much feces and other kinds of filth tend to gross people out, , it is no surprise that eventually we would see a horror movie that dealt with sewage and all kinds of other disgusting things that your average septic worker has to handle. And that is exactly what the movie Septic Man does. Septic Man just debuted on August 15, 2014 and showcases a septic worker as the main hero of the story.
Jack, the septic worker, with his average life and family takes on a government sanctioned freelance job to investigate an accident that occurred, and it leaves him trapped in a toxic sewer that ends up changing him into the abominable wasteman.
Although the story is a horror movie, it actually manages to show something that many people in the world don’t pay attention to. The heroics of what septic workers have to deal with. While many septic workers aren’t at risk for turning into some kind of waste monster, they are at severe risk of dying or catching a disease, which means they are heroes because they are risking their lives to save the community from things like septic back up and water pollution.
So despite it being a horror movie, Septic Man actually does a great job of alleviating the mystery that surrounds most people’s knowledge of septic service. Hopefully movies like this are seen and made more often so people can understand the importance of septic tank management and safety. Even if it does stretch the truth, people today do learn a lot of their knowledge from movies and TV shows today.

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