Taney County Septic Tank Help

Taney County has just puts their new Environmental Services Department to the test, when they decided to offer to pay all septic tanks to be pumped in the county. The program was opened up to assist families who own a home so they don’t have to pay a single dime to take care of their septic tanks.
Despite the Environmental Services department being the one to handle this, many people were surprised by the program at all. Of course, leaving a septic tank full can end up polluting the ground and causing future trouble with overflowing and other nasty problems that no one wants to deal with. So it makes sense for the environmental services to be concerned about the city’s environment being kept clean. But the real reason is actually to keep clean water in the community, and the idea is that if a septic tank is kept clean it is good for the whole community.
The program also had the added bonus of informing the community at large that they need to keep up with regular septic tank maintenance. This is because full septic tanks are one of the leading causes for pollution of ground water in the area. With the spreading of this information, more and more people in the county community are getting to work on cleaning up their septic tanks for the better of the entire community.
Maybe the idea will spread to other counties and inspire more community involvement when it comes to septic tanks. After all, not many people are aware about what their septic tank can do in terms of damage if it is just left alone. Even just little work that Taney County has done has already touched people with both knowledge and camaraderie. Now if only more people followed in the wake.
Source: http://www.kspr.com/news/local/taney-county-offers-free-septic-tank-pumping/21051620_26864512

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