Septic system maintenance for the winter

Septic Tank Safety

If you ever needed any proof or understanding as to why it is better to call for someone who has training and knowledge on what to do when your septic tank isn’t working, then look no further than a recent collection of deaths in Poland. Seven people died trying to clean a septic tank, starting with one person and then each person went in for the other. This resulted in a lot of people succumbing to toxic fumes from the septic tank.
Sadly, this is not all that uncommon to see among people, even in the United States. You have a fair population that completely avoid wanting to touch anything to do with the toilet, and especially not septic tanks, so they always call an expert to help. But then you have the people who think they can fix anything, and without consulting anyone or taking major safety precautions they end up poisoned or worse.
It is perfectly okay to not hire a professional, though not recommended, if you think you can do it yourself. But at the very least taking safety precautions when it comes to handling septic tanks are important. You can catch hundreds of different diseases and parasites from bodily fluids and poop alone, but then sitting in a septic tank where other things can breed can lead to a lot of things no one wants to get near.
If you don’t think you can handle it, or just can’t take the right safety precautions then you should absolutely be calling a professional like Freedom Septic to handle anything to do with your septic tank including cleaning, which tends to be one of the more dangerous things. We have the right supplies and tools to make sure you don’t have to worry about having them. So stay safe, because poop happens, but it doesn’t have to cause harm to happen to you!

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