Disposing of cooking grease properly

Why is Grease Bad for Your Home?

We all know greasy foods can be bad for us, but grease can also be bad for your home. When you cook with oil and create grease in your pans, you never want to throw that grease down the drain. It can be devastating for your drainage systems and cause problems. You’ll have to repair these items in your home, which can be avoided all together.

Grease Can Cause Clogging in Your Drains

After cooking, it’s very important that your get rid of the leftover grease properly. Pour the grease into a tin can or container and leave it under your kitchen for it to get full. You should then dispose of it properly at your city’s waste disposal and recycling center.

If you disregard what you put down your kitchen sink, you could have a plethora of problems including clogs, backups, and other drainage problems. Never throw food down the drain and try not to rinse the grease off with hot water when done cooking. The grease will harden and clog the drains.

Experiencing Drainage Problems, Get Help!

If you are experiencing problems with your pipes and drains, it’s recommended you contact a professional like Freedom Septic Service. Our professional team can provide you with grease trap cleaning services to ensure that everything is flowing properly with your sinks and drains. If you don’t clean the grease trap out on occasion, you’ll have clogging problems. With a clean grease trap, you won’t have to worry about replacing any systems or pipes because there will be proper flow.

You also should keep in mind that avoiding a grease trap cleaning could lead to fines from your local board of health or health inspection department.

If you’re worries about grease clogging your drains, contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 today or visit us online for more information!



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