Septic Tank Additives Can Do More Harm Than Good

Septic Tank Cover

We know that having a hygienic and functional septic system is essential for many of the homes and businesses in our area. At some point, you may have even heard that using additives can improve the performance of your septic system. The truth is, however, that using these septic additives isn’t always such a good idea.

To begin with, septic tank additives are usually chemicals or minerals that can be corrosive to the plumbing in a septic tank. If you use these additives regularly, it can damage the tank and pipes in your system, forcing you to make costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, these products can kill the bacteria that septic systems rely on to break down waste products.

This means that septic additives can actually make it harder for your septic system to function effectively.

Because your septic tank is connected to the local environment, these chemical additives can have dangerous ecological effects as well. Septic additives can poison the surrounding soils in your drainfield, and impede your septic system’s ability to purify waste water.

With these concerns in mind, it’s typically best to avoid septic additives and invest in regular septic cleaning and maintenance instead. This way, your septic system can continue to function properly without being disrupted by harsh chemicals.

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