How Do You Know If You Have a Septic Drain Field Problem?

How do you know if you have a septic drain field problem? There are several clues.

First, do you notice that your toilets or drains aren’t flushing as fast as they used to? Have you heard any weird “septic noises?” Is your pump or high-level water alarm making noises?

Next, outdoors where the septic drain field is located, smell the area and see if it smells stinky. Oftentimes drain field problems cause horrific odors above the ground where they are, giving a Septic Drain Fieldpeople a heads-up as to where the problem exactly is.

Do you notice any wet spots above your septic tank or the drain field? If so, that could indicate that sewage is rising to the surface– not good. Furthermore, if sewage ends up getting “backed up” in your building’s toilets, that could definitely indicate septic drain field problems to be investigated.

What are some of the problems that could occur at or near your drain field? Below the surface there could be broken piping, grease capping, tree roots getting in the way, and/or the tank is “over capacity” and/or hasn’t been cleaned out in a long time.

Should you suspect a septic drain field problem, contact Freedom Septic Service to investigate further. Oftentimes, problems can be “remediated” using bio-friendly solutions and specialized equipment. In some cases, when the problems are vast, the septic tank might need removal and replacement. In other cases, a secondary septic system might be installed. There are several alternatives for dealing with drain field problems, and Freedom Septic Service has the knowledge and expertise to figure out the best course of action.

Did you know Freedom Septic Service is certified by the State of Maryland to provide septic inspections for real estate transactions? Whether it’s residential or commercial, Freedom Septic Service offers a variety of services to ensure that your septic system(s) work well. Call 410-795-2947 for more information.

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