How Are Portable Restrooms Cleaned and Sanitized?

Portable restrooms sure are convenient. It’s no wonder they seem like they’re everywhere these days, especially at public events like fairs, festivals and music concerts. When you gotta go, you gotta go, and portable restrooms serve an important purpose.

Here’s a question, then– how are they cleaned and sanitized? No doubt you’ve been in some pretty disgusting ones in your life. Most portable restrooms, however, aren’t that disgusting because the companies who provide have a thorough sanitization process.

One of the main ways portable restrooms are kept clean is by having attendants whose job it is to check them every so often to make sure they’re in usable condition. Attendants do things like spray surfaces clean, replace toilet paper rolls, and add air fresheners as needed.

Eventually, all portable restrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned in a serious and professional manner. Here’s what happens… Waste is gathered in the holding tank. The company in charge of the restroom(s) uses a vacuum to pump the tank dry. Waste gets sucked up into the vacuum, running through a hose, and into a sanitation truck so it can be hauled away from the site.

Next, the cleaner fills the tank up with about five gallons of an additive that helps ensure the tank is both disinfected and won’t stink.

What about the overall interior of the restroom? Big brushes and spray bottles and other “tools” are used to wash and scrub the floors, walls, toilet seats and urinals. Just like a car wash gives a car a bath, a restroom cleaner uses tools and chemicals and more to clean and sanitize the whole restroom.

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