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Don’t Throw Your Resolutions down the Drain

Welcome to 2016! From all of us at Freedom Septic Service, we hope you and your family had a great holiday season, but now that it is the first week of the New Year, we have to get back in the driver’s seat and drive down that road of the daily grind. Sometimes this road is bumpy, especially this time of the year, when we are reevaluating all the things in our life, sitting at home and wondering how our homes can be improved. We should all desire to better our lives, make living a little bit easier, and that often involves preventative measures, such as making sure our septic systems are up to snuff. So, we have a question for your: Is it up to snuff?

Thankfully, much of the country has been blessed with better than normal weather, which means our guard is down, but now the weather is starting to act like how it normally does, and that means septic systems are at risk. According to the Hibbing Daily Tribune, “An unusual mix of weather conditions has the potential to wreak havoc on septic systems. The combination of low snowfall amounts and winter temperatures can lead to septic systems freezing.”

Frozen septic systems are no way to begin the New Year, when we are all giddy on bettering ourselves. This is a common problem though so if our guard is down, chances are our septic systems will feel the brunt of that. The Hibbing Daily Tribune continues, “Common reasons that septic systems freeze include: a lack of snow cover during cold weather, cold air entering the system, compacted soil, compacted snow on top of the system and irregular use of the system.”

Those reasons are certainly not out of the ordinary and most people in the country may experience that, which means you have to make a decision and have your septic system inspected by us at Freedom Septic Service. Contact us today and let’s start the New Year right!

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Daniel Leyland

Since septic tanks are accountable for dumping the entire waste of your house to drain fields, it’s your responsibility to examine them regularly. Apart from that, you also need to detect the issues in your septic tank that happen due to seasonal variations.


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