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Erratic Weather Leads to Broken Septic Tanks

All over the country, the strange weather is wreaking havoc on people’s minds and pocketbooks. In some areas, the weather is unseasonably warm whereas in other parts there are ongoing Snowmageddons that are tearing families apart. This week Winter Storm Kayla is spreading blizzard conditions through the Plains and Upper Midwest. Compare that to the balmy 60 degrees that some cities around Lake Erie are experiencing. Needless to say, it seems that it is absolutely impossible to predict.

Weather is normally not an absolute, but this winter seems to be erratic as a game of blackjack that is quickly getting out of control. Whenever the weather is as precarious as it has been, certain things may fall to the wayside, and we’re talking about your septic tank. One area in particular that is feeling the effects of erratic weather conditions is Virginia.

The Mesabi Daily News reports, “An unusual mix of weather conditions has the potential to wreak havoc on septic systems. The combination of low snowfall amounts and winter temperatures can lead to septic systems freezing, according to the St. Louis County Environmental Services Department.”

Unusual is perhaps the best way to describe what is happening weather-wise in the country. When things are unusual is when septic tanks start acting up and that includes things like a lack of snow protection leading to freezing. The Mesabi Daily News is recommending that everyone in the St. Louis County area check their septic tanks to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency.

At Freedom Septic Service, we recommend that no matter where you live you should check the status of your septic tank.

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