Here’s Why You Should have a Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying a Home

If you’re buying a new home, there are many little details to consider in order to make sure everything goes well. One of those things to consider is having your septic tank inspected by a professional, like Freedom Septic Service.

Septic Tank InspectionsThe septic tank for your new home is going to deal with waste and excrement. Obviously, you want it working well so the toilets and drains don’t “back-up.” Right? Just like you’d have the roof inspected or make sure the heater works for the home, it’s vital to know the condition of the septic system. If you don’t get it inspected, and something’s wrong with it, you– the buyer– could end up having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to fix the problem(s). It’s better to know before you buy a place than afterward!

When you buy a home, you buy more than just what you can see with your own two eyes. Underneath the home and in its yard there are several systems that ensure the house operates in a way you’d expect it to… The septic system has a tank buried outside, in the yard. Has it been cleaned out recently, if ever? Is it leaking? Are the pipes where they need to be or has something shifted them out of place over time?

Professionals like Freedom Septic Service can diagnose how a septic system is doing, checking the tank, drainage field, and more for any signs of trouble.

If you’re going to assume responsibility for a home, make sure the septic system that’s currently there can handle your needs. For instance, needs depend on the number of people using the toilets, sinks and tubs in a home. If you have four daughters with long hair using your drains, that’s different than a single bald person taking over the house. Ideally, you want a septic system that can adequately meet your family’s daily needs, with no problems.

It’s best to have someone professionally inspect your new home’s septic system before you buy the house.

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