Outdoor Wedding Restroom Options

Imagine you have planned the perfect day and everything is going according to schedule. Until you realize that you have planned a wedding in the middle of the woods, and there are no bathrooms! Don’t panic we have you covered! There are a couple options when it comes to your big day, just remember everything you do or have may have a lasting impression on your guests.

Of course, if you are sadistic and have no compassion for your wedding guests you could forgo the bathroom all together. That is pretty much illegal, and inhumane. So let’ put our thinking caps on and really fix your problem.

You can go with the traditional “port-a-potty” or “port a john” as people refer to them as. However, these, are notorious for being “the worst thing ever”. They are non-flushing, the smells linger and your guests will definitely be holding it until they get home or to the nearest flushing toilet. Plus, I don’t know any bride who is willing to “trash-the-dress” during the reception. In a portable toilet. In front of her new husband.

The next option is a Restroom Trailer. These usually have running water and flushing toilets. Your guests may be surprised with them when they try them out. These are most popular with brides for obvious reasons included but not limited to sanitary conditions, running water, and no smells.

Last option is to build a bathroom on location. Yes, I know this is a crazy option but this is the only other thing to do. So technically, if you wanted to spend 3x your budget on just building a bathroom you can. If not then please do your guests a favor and offer them an option they won’t regret.

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