Why Do Septic Tanks Break?

Finally, summer is here. While we’re all basking in the warmth, taking in the rays, we must remember that summer doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Sometimes, things breaks when the weather gets nicer – you know, like a septic tank.


Contaminated wells, untreated sewage discharging into streams and ditches, soft smell spot in your yard; these are all telltale signs that your septic system is malfunctioning. Unfortunately, there are not always signs when the septic system is falling which can lead to even more expensive repairs. But why and how do they malfunction?


There are two categories – system malfunction and system failure. As you would imagine failure is worst-case scenario. Typically, if your system is malfunctioning and you do not know about it and do not fix it then you will have failure. Malfunctions occur because of improper maintenance or operation. When you fail to properly maintain your system, then your system does not work compliantly and you have problems. Some reasons for malfunctions are household water leaks, change in landscaping, change in water flow from gutters and paved areas into drainage and failure to pump the tank.


There are ways to avoid malfunctioning in your system. First and foremost is to make sure you are properly maintaining as we stated before and you are keeping up on the system. Next, you should avoid using too much water; the soil under the tank absorbs the water you put into and if that soil is saturated it cannot take any more.


Also, when changing landscaping make sure your landscaper knows about the septic system so they can plan properly as to not interrupt the flow. Last, but certainly not least, make sure to have professional inspections. You are not a professional and will not be able to catch everything they will be able to see.


Guess who is a professional though? Freedom Septic Service, that’s who. Contact today to learn more.


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