Common Septic System Myths

septic systemSeptic systems are complex, and many people have mastered the art of DIY septic repairs, which leaves them delivering advice. Our advice is, don’t take advice from anyone other than a trusted professional with experience. When many people believe a theory to be fact, it becomes a myth, and then even more people start to consider it true. Then this falsehood becomes widely recognized as a fact.

Myth – If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. A septic system will stay buried out in the yard, and it won’t need maintenance unless it breaks.

Truth – Well, it won’t need maintenance UNTIL it breaks. Consider routine maintenance and regular pumping for ideal results. If you wouldn’t drive your car forever without an oil change, don’t treat your septic tank the same way.

Myth – Use commercial cleaning products to clean your septic tank instead of pumping.

Truth – When used improperly, these products do more harm than good. If you currently have any in your septic system, contact a professional to check your system or pump it out.

Myth – Flushing Yeast Eliminates the Need to Pump

Truth – This can exacerbate any existing issues. Schedule an appointment with a professional septic cleaner.

Myth – Use a lot of water to flush out the system if it seems to be failing

Truth – Unless you’re working with a pro or someone experienced with septic systems, do not attempt quick-fixes like this.

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