How to Win The Septic Tank Odor Battle

The term “septic” refers to something infected and putrid, so it’s obvious that caring for your septic tank isn’t a pleasant task. As much as it stinks (pun intended), getting rid of the odor is a simple as routinely cleaning the tank, and installing great odor suppression products.

The Trick to keeping everything smelling fresh and homey is adequate ventilation, coupled with thorough sanitation and cleaning efforts. A second set of roof ventilators will make a dramatic difference in the smell of an RV or trailer. It goes the same for all aspects of RV life really; cooking, smoking, and animals influence the smell of your RV as well. The number one thing to consider is ventilation.

The smell could also be from a full septic tank, which means you’ll need to empty and sanitize it. If your water usage was excessive, the tank may need attention sooner than usual. Keep that in mind for parties, long showers, water-balloon wars, and other things that could fill your tank quicker. The fuller the tank is, the closer it is to the actual surface, which means the smell is stronger. A clog could be the reason as well, so be sure everyone knows what not to flush!

You’re probably familiar with a bright blue chemical, as seen in most RV’s and trailers. This chemical has specific enzymes in it that will help remove odors. To find the right aftermarket product for your trailer, or RV, contact a septic tank professional.

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