The BAT Septic System Expected to Assist in Bay Restoration Project

The state of Maryland’s Department of the Environment has issued a new regulation for new construction on-site sewage disposal systems and replacement septic systems. The regulation was set forth and intended to affect not only “critical areas” designated in the Bay Restoration Project, but all new septic systems installed.

Rather than a traditional septic system with a septic tank and drain field, a certified BAT (Best Available Technology) system needs to be installed. These systems are designed to limit the amount of nitrogen that discharges from the septic.

Typically, a septic system releases about 30 pounds of nitrogen into the waterways each year. A BAT uses an aeration system to cut the amount of nitrogen dispersed in the ground by half. Instead, the harmless gas gets emitted into the atmosphere. The BAT system has an advance pre-treatment unit that helps to combat pollutants entering the waterways, eliminating fish kill, low oxygen and dirty drinking water.

Some of the requirements set for installation and maintenance:

The BAT system shall be operated and maintained by a certified service provider.

The BAT system shall be maintained and operated for the life of the system.

Within one month of completed installation, the MD Department of Environment must be notified and detailed records need to be kept.

The service provider must keep detailed records and by certified by the BAT systems manufacturer.

Service should be conducted at least once a year. Whenever service is done, the manufacturer and state department need to be notified.

More development will continue with this regulation. In the meantime, be sure to contact us with any of your sewer system issues.

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