Cleaning Out Restaurant Grease Traps

If you’ve ever had a job in fast food or in the restaurant industry, you might have had an offensive experience with the grease trap.

Even though the job is excessively unpleasant, someone has to do it. The consequences of grease buildup are severe, so just take our word for it. Your grease trap needs bacteria to break down the FOG. Refrain from using any harsh cleaners, as they will strip and kill the helpful bacteria.

A trick for cleaning the trap out is to add cat litter. Not many people employ this method, but it is highly effective. It helps absorb the grease so removing it is easier and more efficient. Also, we recommend that you clean out your grease traps at least every 3-6 months, if not more frequently.

Cleaning the trap out is simple enough to learn, just remember to be careful of the hazards involved. Sometimes the grease can be extraordinarily hot, which is not something you want to feel. Spillage is a big issue because it adds a dangerous factor to the work place. Here at Freedom Septic Service, we can expertly clean out your grease traps without any hassle or effort on your part. Some restaurants have even had to close while they cleaned the spill – so be very careful or hire the experts!

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