How to Safely Clear a Clogged Sink Drain

How to Safely Clear a Clogged Sink DrainWhether it is hair, grease, or something worse, clogged sinks are a common source of headaches for homeowners. However, there are ways to clear a clogged sink on your own before turning to the professionals for help.

Here are a few ways to safely clear a clogged sink drain.

Remove the sink stopper

Start with the easiest solution first: remove the sink stopper and clear the clog. To remove the stopper, unscrew the pivot rod retaining nut on the drain assembly underneath the sink and pull the rod out slightly to release the stopper. Some sink stoppers pull straight out, while others lift only slightly. Once the stopper is removed, clear the sink obstruction before replacing it in the sink.

Use a plunger

Next use a bell-shaped plunger to try opening your drain. Fill your sink with at least 2 inches of water, and use the plunger to force water up and down in the drainpipes. You can also seal overflow holes with a damp sponge or cloth, and other drain holes with a stopper. Plunge as many times as needed to force the water to remove the clog.

Try a snake

If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, try using a 15 to 20-foot, ¼ inch thick plumbing snake. First, remove the P-trap under your sink, and push the snake down the drain into clogs. Snakes take a bit of time to use, but chew through tough clogs. Once you think the clog is clear, reassemble the P-trap and run water through the drain to make sure.

Grab the chemicals

Another path to take for unclogging sinks includes using chemical drain cleaners. Available in either powder or liquid forms, these chemicals help unclog drains and prevent sink buildups with regular use.

Houselogic suggests another quick solution: pour ½ cup of salt down the drain followed by boiling water. Then, flush with very hot water until the clog is clear.

Sometimes, the best solution is to enlist help from a licensed professional. If you’re having problems with your septic system, contact Freedom Septic Service, Inc. for professional sewage treatment options. A family-owned and operated company for over 20 years, Freedom Septic Service offers fine workmanship and high-quality septic services.


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