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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

It’s one of the most annoying issues with your toilet. Sometimes after you flush, you’ll notice the running water in the toilet doesn’t stop. This is caused by a variety of issues that can be fixed yourself. Many people struggle to find the problem, and they mess with the flush handle. The first thing you need to do is to determine the cause.

Check for Yourself

You can always take a look for yourself before you call the plumber. It may be an easy fix that you can fix with no problem, but if you can’t, a plumber will be able to find the issue. It could be a large problem at hand, so you should never disregard the expertise of a plumber.

Here are some reasons why your toilet is running:

  • Flapper Leaks
  • Float Height
  • Refill Tube too Long
  • Flapper Chain

You can fix your toilet problems by repairing parts, but if you have problems continuing to happen, investing in a new toilet may be the smart choice.

Problems with Your Plumbing

There are many issues that can arise with your plumbing including your septic system. It’s always a good move to check in on your septic system because if you don’t, there could be major issues down the road.

At Freedom Septic Service, we provide expert sewage treatment, septic cleaning, pumping, and repairs in Sykesville, MD. It’s never too late to fix your septic issues with us. Problems with your septic system can cause home issues, as well as health issues for you and your family. Taking care of the problem is necessary for your septic system to run beautifully.

Contact Freedom Septic Service at 410-795-2947 today to learn more about how we can help with installation, pumping, or repairs for your septic system.

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