Septic Tank Vs. Cesspools

septic tank vs cesspools

Rural Areas across the world do not have the luxury of being directly connected to sewer pipes and must rely on other means of store and disposing on their sewage. A couple of alternatives are septic tanks and cesspools. What is your best option? What makes them different? Take a few minutes to educate yourself on what would be your best option and what method you feel most comfortable utilizing.


Cesspools are cylindrical pits that go deep into the land and have and exposed hatch at the top. They are designed to take in sewage and expel the liquid waste as it gets digested thru the cesspools walls. Cesspools are often undesirable because of the maintenances that is required. They need to be treated once a month because you do not want it to negatively affect your ground water: which is another downfall of cesspools. You need to make sure when placing a cesspool that you do not place it too deep in the earth as it will affect your groundwater; which is bad news.


Septic tanks are most commonly used and approved by local officials due to it being much safer than a cesspool. They still have the same basic idea as a cesspool but they are mainly focused on human waste. Septic tanks also have options for treating wastewater. Because of the treatment options septic tanks are considered the better option for disposal. Septic tanks also have to have maintenance done less often because it is only holding human waste and not all biodegradable waste.

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