Septic Services in the Winter

Caring for Your Septic Tank During the Winter

As the cold winter months usher in fresh snowfalls, freezing temperatures, and icy conditions, it is time to pay some extra special attention to your home’s septic system. Your septic system maintains your home’s wastewater, so it is important to make sure your system is ready for harsher conditions.

Here are some ways to prepare and maintain your septic tank during the winter!

Keep your system insulated

Provide insulation above your septic tank and drain field to prevent your system from freezing this winter. Grass works to keep your system insulated, but if your property does not have much grass, consider other options like a septic blanket or mulch. Snow actually works to provide insulation by keeping the heat in your system and preventing freezing conditions.

Add some vegetation around your system during the colder months, as well for extra insulation!

Use your system regularly

Avoid a frozen septic system by utilizing it regularly during the winter months. Allow enough sewage to enter the system to help maintain its temperature. Leaving the system alone in the winter increases the chance of the system freezing from stagnant water. Try not to use excessive amounts of water that could overload your system, but do continue to use water at your average rate throughout the winter.

Schedule an inspection

Septic tanks are susceptible to issues that could result in your tank freezing when colder weather sweeps through your area. Have your system inspected for cracks that could allow water to seep into the tank and seek out drainage problems before they spell disaster for your home.

Keep your septic tank running without fail this winter with the help of the experts at Freedom Septic Service, Inc. Give us a call at 410-795-2947 today to learn more about our septic system cleaning services!

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